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Be The Change You Want To See In This World Featured


The main idea is within the Title. Everything commences from US, from 1, from the Individual…We can indeed change our life, actually we can change anything we want…Only if we love enough that what we love – or at least what we have chosen to love. ENERGY changes the Circumstances. Because the Spiritual is Above the Material. All we need to do is to create NEW conditions for Happiness and the Happiness will come.


 (*Previously exhibited in Venice, Italy – InParadiso Gallery,Giardini Dei Biennale, Oct-Nov 2010; at Macedonian Opera and Ballet - May 2009; at Public Room Promo Center, RM - Nov 2008- Jan 2009)


  • Artist: Olivera Velkova
  • Year: 2008
  • Materials / Techniques: Acrylic on canvas
  • Measurements: 120X120cm
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Olivera Velkova

Olivera Velkova

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