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Earth Is All – All Is Earth – We R All Diamonds Featured


Earth, Diamonds, Ashes, Bones…All is One. ONE. I consider every man is like a Diamond. We do possess all the facets, but it’s only depending on us how much we are going to work on ourselves and our personal researches within us deeply in order to develop our higher selves until that perfect shine…! And all of us are coming and going back in the Earth…As indeed the diamonds. Laying within the deepest womb of the Mother Earth.


 (*Previosly exhibited in Berlin, Germany - Marzia Frozen Gallery, 11 Dec 2010 – 11 Jan 2011; previously exhibited at European Biennial for Young Artists, September 2009 – BJCEM; at Macedonian Opera and Ballet - May 2009; at Public Room Promo Center, RM - Nov 2008- Jan 2009)


  • Artist: Olivera Velkova
  • Year: 2008
  • Materials / Techniques: Acrylic on canvas
  • Measurements: 120X120cm
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Olivera Velkova

Olivera Velkova

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