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NEW AIRBUS A320-214 YOM 2012 Featured

Aircraft Type: Airbus A320-214 YOM 2012
Engine Model: CFM56-5B4/P
Date of Manufacture: 2012
Noise Abatement Compliance: Stage III iaw. ICAO Annex 16
Interior Arrangement: 174 All Tourist
Lavatory: 3
Galleys (with chiller): G1, G5 (Bucher), with ATLAS Boxes & Trolleys
I the undersigned, Law. ….........., I offer the deal of 22 Airbus A320-214 YOM 2012 at
the following conditions:
N° 22 AIRBUS A320-214 YOM 2012 at the complex amount of USD
(US$52.000.000 per unit x 22 aircrafts).
The purchase has to follow the regular procedure given from Airbus Industry and the
Refinancing Bank in order to guarantee all the people involved: buyer, seller, broker and
We do have a safe payment policy via the Escrow Agent in Oklahoma.
This proposal is valid for 10 days after its receipt, if accepted you are going to send it
back countersigned by the proved End User together with the filled Buyer's
questionnaire put in annex, after which we are going to disclose in 48 hours the name
of the official Broker of Airbus Industry and contextually we are going to send to you
the Letter of Intent (LOI) constituting the full corporate offer for the purchase of
New Airbus A320-214 with data of the official broker to whom you have to send it back
counter signed.
The buyer is releasing the funds to a Notary, after it receives the down payment of $1M
per unit, it will give its technical acceptance to Airbus Industry and the serial numbers of
aircrafts. The whole process is escorted from the Consortium directly from Airbus
10 Units are immediately available, other 12 units will be released with funds at the same
time after 4 more weeks from Escrow Agent.
We guarantee a safe delivery process with the support of our technicians, pilots and all
the staff if needed.
All the aircrafts are in Europe.

  • Year: 2012
  • Plane Type: Airbus A320-214 YOM 2012
  • Capacity: 174 All Tourist
  • Max Take off Weight: 73,500 kg
  • Location: Europe
  • Manufacturer: Airbus
  • Model: A320-214 YOM 2012
  • Condition: NEW
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