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Gold Featured

LuxuryRules can serve you gold dust, gold bullions, rough gold and Hallmarked gold through the gold mines of its partner, in the Province of Cabinda, Angola.

LuxuryRules is also under negotiations to buy Gold mines in Liberia, Sierra Leona and RDC
What's more LuxuryRules is in partnership with gold refineries in Europe.



Characteristics of the gold:

- Maximum purity of the gold (99,99 %).Guaranteed.

- Quality certificate unitary and numbered. 

- Total liquidity in any part of the world.

- Maximum guarantee of Angola Governement.


What is a gold ingot " good delivery "?

" Good deliver " (good delivery), it is the homologation that the international market give to a company that fulfills a few very strict requirements, which allows that the ingots made with the above mentioned brand, they are accepted in the stock exchange international transactions without any limitation.

Our sell prices for .999 or better fineness gold ingots from known refiners.

Our sell prices are constantly updated with the changing spot price of gold.
Our minimum purchase is five ounces.

Our sell prices are 5% below The 2th fixing LME

If you are interested in buy Gold Ingots , Contact us here

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