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Gas, LNG, C3H8, C4H10

Gas, LNG, C3H8, C4H10


Gas Solutions

LuxuryRules through JVOIL is END-SELLER and has primary quotes of Liquified Natural Gas, C3h8(Butane) and C4H10(Propane) on the primary market, NOT a secondary one like almost each offer.

What’s more we offer own URAL Platts – fixed discounts from our 4 refineries in Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

Upstream to downstream, Luxury Rules and JV OIL provides the broadest set of integrated solutions for the petroleum industry available for physical logistics, financial transactions, energy marketing and trading, risk management and regulatory compliance.  Petroleum producers, first purchasers, refiners, petrochemical producers, marketers and traders rely on JVOIL’s comprehensive petroleum industry focus and domain expertise as the solution of choice for global energy providers.


Natural gas markets are globalizing as pipelines expand, liquefied natural gas (LNG) capacity increases, and world demand for natural gas continues to soar.  Risk managers across industrial, commercial and residential sectors need solutions that deliver transparency, compliance, and decision making tools for increasingly complex portfolios.  Whether you engage in the exploration, gathering, processing or consumption of natural gas, JVOIL has innovative and comprehensive solutions to address your most challenging problems.

Market Segments

  • Exploration & Production - WCI delivers a solution that meets various needs across the entire enterprise – those of gas producers, marketing managers, accounting staff, trading and risk managers.  WCI streamlines accounting and increases revenue generation by improving the efficiency and accuracy of position management, settlement, net valuation, accounting and invoicing.
  • Gas Gathering & Processing - WCI maintains complex information based on the producer and shipper and captures gathering pipeline data, points, and cycles.  Gas processing may require a variety of services, such as dehydration, contaminant removal and methane separation to remove impurities in raw natural gas.  WCI can address each of these demands with one solution, while managing all components of the gas stream from wellhead to burner tip.
  • Natural Gas Marketing - WCI’s natural gas marketing solutions help companies ensure that there is an adequate supply of natural gas by providing a real-time conduit to the market. This comprehensive solution supports the buying and selling of physical and financial instruments using comprehensive valuation and simulation tools and real-time connectivity to pricing data and electronic exchanges.  In-depth risk reporting, including real-time P&L, VaR, and credit exposure, gives risk managers the information they need to execute quickly and with confidence.  Settlement and actualization processes are automated with WCI’s back office functionality.






C3H8 (Butane),



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