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Oil and Fuel Derivates

Oil and Fuel Derivates


Petroleum Solutions 

LuxuryRules through JVOIL is END-SELLER and has primary quotes of oil and fuel derivates on the primary market, NOT a secondary one like almost each offer.
What’s more we offer own URAL Platts – fixed discounts from our 4 refineries in Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.


Upstream to downstream, Luxury Rules and JV OIL provides the broadest set of integrated solutions for the petroleum industry available for physical logistics, financial transactions, energy marketing and trading, risk management and regulatory compliance.  Petroleum producers, first purchasers, refiners, petrochemical producers, marketers and traders rely on JVOIL’s comprehensive petroleum industry focus and domain expertise as the solution of choice for global energy providers.


Market Segments

  • Exploration & ProductionJVOIL provides a complete solution set for petroleum producers with enterprise applications for equity production management, accounting, marketing and trading, and risk management.  This comprehensive solution allows an enterprise to manage contracts, administer lease level data, forecast production volumes, reconcile oil and gas production with revenues, and accurately allocate revenue to interest holders.  Additionally, it enables them to ensure regulatory compliance and manage price volatility along with credit and other market risks.  Through a single solution, JVOIL provides the ability to compute complex net back calculations.
  • First Purchasers - JVOIL supports the entire first purchaser business process including comprehensive management of price, physical and credit risks. Users manage term and evergreen contracts, and use flexible pricing formulas, including discounts and premiums to spot index prices or other benchmarks. JVOIL also lets first purchasers capture associated product quality data and other adjustment factors — all of which become instantly available to risk management, accounting and other enterprise personnel.  With JVOIL’s integrated revenue components, distribution of revenue is seamless and accurate.
  • Refining and Marketing - Refiners, petrochemical producers, pipeline operators and fuel distributors face a variety of specialized challenges associated with purchasing, sales, forecasting, optimization, quality assurance, trading and risk management, production/transaction accounting, auditing and regulatory compliance.  JVOIL's solutions allow an enterprise to manage transactions, inventories, fractionation, re-branding, run ticket capture, forecast production, and calculate volumes and profitability across multiple feedstocks and products.



D2 GAS OIL L0.2-62, GOST 305-82,
MAZUT M100 (GOST 10585/75),
MAZUT M100 GOST-10585-99,
Jet Fuel,GOST 10227-86,
Jet A-1
LPG 50/50,
CST 180, 360,
Gasoline – all octanes,
Libyan light Crude Oil


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