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Tribute to Tose Proeski – Angel Tears Featured


The loss is enormous and the pain is unbearable…in the moments of realization of the same one – a resistance and rejection rises…not being able or even just not wanting to accept the new situation…Birth has got this painting. Uncontrollably throwing all that energy and anger of that very sudden enigma…Why? How? And again WHY?? Electrical and eclectic feelings, dramatic emotions…Art contrasts made out of his precious actions and humanities after which we will remember him…Our MacedonianPure Sun…opposite the cruelty of the very last moment of his life, brutal, bizarre and never understood. The painting was created at those very difficult moments of his unexpected and way premature death…October 2007, and the “retelling” of that story was lasting entire 11 months. My nakedness and sincerity in front of the facts, didn’t allow me this painting to just finish with only dramatically expression of the arguments…It was missing something. Something that every time my thoughts would drag me to the painting, I couldn’t admit to myself that the painting was finished…I couldn’t put up the mosaic and the feeling that Yes, finally I told the story as a due and I transformed it completely onto the canvas. No. I believed that the moment will come when that purified essential inspiration and unique vision particularly for this, when only one cube from all that chaotic and crazy mosaic of colors and cries will be completed and will take us rising – so we can live again !!! That particular cube that was missing was the HOPE. The Hope was growing and progressing through all those 11 months, the same as other values were progressing, growing and developing within me…The Hope rise onto the painting as white, pure Angel Tears…falling from the Sky, and they are suiting all his life and human actions Tose Proeski’s has done…before, after and forever. Eternally he will live with Hope and Love within us and our hearts. Amin.


(*The artwork was a Donation to Tose Proeski’s Family, after the promotion of his post-mortems album “The Hardest Thing” UK Production, January 2009. *Previously exhibited at Public Room Promo Center – RM, Premiere “The World As 1” : Nov 2008 – Jan 2009)

  • Artist: Olivera Velkova
  • Year: 2007-2008
  • Materials / Techniques: Acrylic on canvas
  • Measurements: 120X120cm
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Olivera Velkova

Olivera Velkova

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